EAN 108814 / E-NR

FLIR Triton FH-Serie R

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FLIR FH-Serie R kan levereras i nedanstående versioner:

Triton™ FH-369 R - 320×256 pixlar / 9mm lins
Triton™ FH-324 R - 320×256 pixlar / 13mm lins
Triton™ FH-313 R - 320 256 pixlar / 25mm lins
Triton™ FH-669 R - 640×512 pixlar / 9mm lins
Triton™ FH-644 R - 640×512 pixlar / 13mm lins
Triton™ FH-625 R - 640×512 pixlar / 25mm lins
Triton™ FH-617 R - 640×512 pixlar / 35mm lins

Rapid detection and visual verification
Integrates a high-resolution thermal and visible sensor for hot-spot detection and visual verification from a single device
• Detect hot spots instantly with FH-Series R camera models that feature up to 640 × 512 thermal resolution and <35 mK thermal sensitivity
• See smoke and immediately verify threats with the 4K visible camera
• Combines a two-camera installation in one physical connection for a cost-efficient solution
• 10-year thermal sensor warranty

Intelligent alarms
Detect hot spots and intruders with one camera
• Detect threats from intruders as well as hot spots with on-board video analytics
• Eliminate false temperature alarms from hot exhaust pipes with ‘vehicle exclusion mode’
• Make detections based on time of day, business hours, and seasonality with the on-board scheduling tool, which allows the operator to select either visible or thermal analytics

Easy integration
Deploy the FH-Series R as part of a Teledyne FLIR end-to-end solution or in combination with preferred third-party solutions
• Strengthen end-to-end systems with on-board NEXUS® technology, which enables network connections to FLIR edge devices
• Tightly integrated with FLIR United VMS and major third-party VMS
• ONVIF® Conformant S/G/T profiles
• Receive radiometric alarms through compatible VMS platforms

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