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Phantom MIRO C211

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The Phantom C211 camera reinvents the capabilities of our popular C-Series cameras for industrial environments. The high performance sensor delivers over 2,540 FPS at 720p HD while maintaining the compact and housing requirements of a Phantom C-Series camera. This makes our imaging solutions accessible by researchers in a larger variety of applications and more in-depth research. 

Maximum data collection is possible through our renowned high image quality and standard features like quiet fans and Image-Based-Auto-Trigger(IBAT).  IBAT allows camera operators to set parameters that will trigger the automatic capture of an event based on real-time image analysis.

The combination of a small 5.6 micron pixel sensor and a C-mount lens mount means that this camera can extend into laboratory settings and be mounted to a microscope. The increased versatility of both mounted and unmounted use and low price point make the Phantom C211 a high-speed camera that is perfect for entry level use. 

Phantom camera users can benefit from the Phantom support and community.  We are the premiere high-speed camera company, our history and dedication to the industry has also made us the largest global company. Our case studies, white papers, and application resources offer valuable information. Speaking with our highly skilled support and application engineers, or attending a Phantom Academy can help a camera operator ensure that they and their company are receiving the most out of their investment.

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