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Phantom MIRO C321

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The Phantom Miro C321J and C321 are the next evolution in offering 3GPX/sec throughput, with a maximum frame rate of 1480 fps at full 1920 x 1080 resolution. These cameras provide very high quality, low noise images, and include an ability to set a new CSR default that provides a high-quality image right at boot-up for fast and convenient set-up. They are small, rugged, and built in the same form factor as other Miro C cameras, making them perfect to incorporate into already established automotive crash test imaging solutions. Tested and proven to withstand shocks of up to 170G and vibration of 24 Grms, the cameras also come with an internal back-up battery and Flash, to ensure critical test images are captures and saved.

The cameras use a sensor with tightly packed 10 micron pixels for great light sensitivity. When combined with advanced features shots are delivered quickly with clear detail. 25 shots can be saved into the 240GB Flash before downloading is required, ideal for situations with repeat setups or experiments. These new features can help improve speed and image quality both on the auto test floor and in cutting edge laboratories. The combination of on-camera battery and the non-volatile Flash keeps data safe in the event of power loss.


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