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Phantom S991

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The Phantom S991 builds on the industry leading technology of the S990 by incorporating fiber cables for data transfer.  The two fiber cables are easy to connect and can carry up to 70 Gbps of images and data to the frame grabbers.  This significantly improves setup and ease of use. 

Imaging flexibility is enhanced through adjustable capacity settings.  Using just 1 fiber cable for 1/2 capacity operation (4 Gpx/sec) allows researchers to achieve full frame rates at smaller resolutions while full capacity operation (8 Gpx/sec) offers large to maximum resolution for highly detailed imaging. 

CXP-over-fiber delivers the immediately accessible imaging a simple process by dividing it between two frame grabbers then stitching them back together. The image is then stitched back together for fast algorithm application which means no waiting to download data to apply critical decision-making algorithms.

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