EAN 1033622 / E-NR

Phantom T2410

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The Phantom T2410 is a 24 Gpx/s throughput camera ideal for material research, industrial product testing and high-speed motion analysis. The T-Series platform is designed to perform in imaging techniques like digital image correlation and when using advanced optics. The custom BSI sensor delivers fast exposures, and with a quantum efficiency rating of 80.3% (QExFF mono) has ability to shoot in environments with limited supplemental light. Binned mode combines pixels 2X2 - this is a key feature for increased vertical resolution at the camera’s top frame rates. Binning is available on mono and color cameras; however, the output will switch to mono when used on a color camera. 

The T2410 includes premium features to enable a variety of applications including: 

  • EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) provides flash mitigation for ballistic studies by dynamically adjusting exposure in saturated areas of the image. 
  • Programmable I/O to interface with DAQ systems and a variety of measurement sensors, which can be recorded and viewed as metadata in Cine files.
  • Remote, standalone operation is achieved by using the on-camera controls, video monitor and CineMag.


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