EAN 1033612 / E-NR

Phantom T3610

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At its full 1 Mpx resolution of 1280 x 800 the Phantom T3610 captures over 38,000 fps. This  38 Gpx/second throughput is maintained through its full range for a top frame rate of 875,000 fps at both 1280 x 32 (standard mode) and 640 x 64 (binned mode). Binned mode increases the vertical resolution of the camera's top frame rates by combining the sensor pixels 2x2. Binned mode is included on both mono and color T3610 cameras, however the output will switch to mono when used on a color camera. 
The frame rates provided by the T3610 are sought after for combustion, impact testing, spray dynamics, shock wave analysis and other applications that benefit from sub-microsecond exposure times. The T3610 custom BSI sensor delivers on all fronts, including the ability to shoot in environments with limited supplemental light. 
The T3610 includes premium features to enable a variety of applications including: 
EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) provides flash mitigation for ballistic studies by dynamically adjusting exposure in saturated areas of the image.
Programmable I/O to interface with DAQ systems and a variety of measurement sensors, which can be recorded and viewed as metadata in Cine files.
Remote, standalone operation is achieved by using the on-camera controls, video monitor and CineMag.

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