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Phantom T4040

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The Phantom T4040 captures 4Mpx resolution images at speeds not previously possible. Our proprietary sensor with back side illuminated (BSI) architecture ensures 40Gpx/s data throughput is sustained and a max frame rate of 440,000 fps. A peak Quantum Efficiency rating above 90% ensures the sensor’s ability to capture images at lower light levels. 

4 Mpx resolution offers significant benefits over traditional 1Mpx high-speed cameras for subjects with high level of detail or objects with movement across a larger field of view.  Flow Visualization techniques including Particle Image Velocimetry are improved due to the precise rendition of the particles’ shape, size, and location. Digital image correlation also benefits from the increased resolution by allowing researchers to collect more data over a larger surface area. 

With a 9.27 µm pixel size the camera is well suited for subjects that require high magnification, from the biomechanical study of insect wing movement to the high-tech world of microchip development. The compact T-Series camera body offers lens mount options that easily connect to specialized optics. 

The T4040 includes EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range), providing mitigation for bright flashes by dynamically adjusting exposure in saturated areas of the image. It also includes on-camera controls, video outputs and CineMag capability which are the features necessary for remote, standalone operation.

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