EAN 1033636 / E-NR

Phantom TE2010

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The TE2010 delivers ultrahigh-speed frame rates with premium connectivity and features at a competitive price. This model is ideal for industrial reliability testing, material development and scientific motion analysis. The custom backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor ensures good image quality in challenging environments where there is limited available light.
The TE2010 includes premium features to enable a variety of applications including: 
EDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) provides flash mitigation for ballistic studies by dynamically adjusting exposure in saturated areas of the image.
Programmable I/O to interface with DAQ systems and a variety of measurement sensors, which can be recorded and viewed as metadata in Cine files.
Ability for a fully automated workflow when using Image-based auto-trigger (IBAT) combined with multi-Cine partitions and Continuous Recording in PCC.

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