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Phantom TMX5010

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The Phantom TMX 5010 is our entry level TMX back side illuminated (BSI) camera. This model utilizes the same high-speed sensor as other TMX models but is ideal for laboratory and application settings where 50Gpx/second throughput offers significant application flexibility and other powerful features such as enhanced sensitivity, memory capabilities, and a larger resolution at high frame rates can take research to the next level. Universities and other education institutions will benefit highly from the versatility of the TMX 5010. 

BSI technology provides increased sensitivity allowing experiments to use lower exposure times and less supplemental lighting. Phantom operators can reach 95 ns minimum exposure with the FAST option, eliminating motion blur. The FAST option feature also allows the TMX 5010 to reach high end speeds of up to 1.16M FPS at reduced resolutions. Even at very high frame rates, BSI technology maintains processing throughput at nearly 50Gpx/sec, meaning that researchers have access to larger resolutions at higher frame rates than they ever had before. The internal RAM is capable of providing up to 511 partitions for fast action events that require high-speed data management and workflow.

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