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Phantom v2640 ONYX

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The Phantom v2640 Onyx is a special model of Phantom camera only available for rent through Vision Research and select partners in different regions.  Adapted from our v2640 scientific camera the Onyx delivers the world's fastest 4 Mpx camera to the media and production industry. The Onyx includes an all-black housing and optical low pass filter (OLPF) to reduce aliasing artifacts caused by the sensor's bayer pattern CFA. 

Image quality for media and production is of the highest importance and the Phantom v2640 Onyx has multiple features that aid in producing pristine images. The very low noise rating of 7.2e- (the lowest of any Phantom camera) and the 64dB dynamic range (the highest of any global shutter Phantom camera) work well together making the Onyx a great choice for high-speed VFX production.
Interchangeable lens mounts increase flexibility by adapting to Nikon, PL, C, and Canon EF with electronic control.  The correlated double sampling (CDS) in standard mode provides clean image with dark regions.

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