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Phantom VEO 640

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The Phantom VEO 640 is a 6 Gpx/s throughput high-speed camera ideal for HD capture and scientific image techniques. The proprietary 4 Mpx 35mm CMOS sensor strikes the perfect balance between increased image data and light sensitivity. Camera flexibility is increased through interchangeable lens mounts.  Operators can choose between Nikon, PL, C and Canon EF (with electronic control).
The VEO 640 housing is milled from solid aluminum keeping the design lightweight and compact at only 5 lbs/2.3 kg and features a dust-sealed electronics compartment. This is an important feature for harsh environments to ensure the sensor and internal components are protected and to help ensure long-time reliability.

With two body styles there is something for everyone.  The S-model boasts a variety of options to increase durability and flexibility.  On-camera controls for remote and un-tethered recording, ruggedized connectors, added battery input, and the removable CFast 2.0 media are S-model features that makes on-location workflow much more convenient. The L-model is designed for the lab, ideal for software-based imaging without unnecessary features.

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